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Vineyard Hofbauer - Chronicles

2009 Burgundy specialist Ludwig Hofbauer is again able to place his 2008 Chardonnay in the Austrian Wine Salon and among only 48 other Austrian winemakers he is among the „Best of the best“


2008 The vineyard invests in a new wine press house and a cellar extension


2007 Der Pinot Noir In Feldern is a success at the Mondial du Pinot Noir and wins a silver medal. The vineyards introduces a new conservative handling method. The grapes are now processed under the exclusion of oxygen and this means that no sulphur dioxide is needed.


2005 Expansion of area under cultivation by the vineyards Sandgrube and Bergsatz, mainly for burgundies.


2004 Ludwig Hofbauer’s focus on burgundy pays off. The vineyard wins the Salon Austrian Wine with its 2003 Pinot Blanc in Feldern and the 2002 Chardonnay Reserve wins Gold at the Chardonnay du Monde.


1995 Ludwig Hofbauer goes international.


1991 Ludwig Hofbauer takes over the venerable vineyard in Unterretzbach


1949 Edwin Hofbauer first bottles vintage wines.


1931 Ludwig Hofbauer senior starts with single-variety cultivation and selection of grapes.


1837 Leopold Hofbauer buys the old part of the cellar.


1615 The vineyard is first mentioned in a document