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Weingut Hofbauer – Terroirs

Burgundy Terroir.
With its limy soils and particular climate, the unique Retzer Land, offers the perfect environment for the cultivation of noble burgundy wines. If you add the skills of an experienced winegrower specialising in Burgundy wines, such as Ludwig Hofbauer, you can talk of a perfect terroir. On top of that the area is home to a little sensation: the climatic island in the western Weinviertel region also produces excellent reds. 


In Feldern.
For Zweigelt and Merlot the terroir is great on the 400 m Schatzberg, the highest elevation in the hills around Retzbach. The limy soils of loess and loam provide the perfect conditions for the varietal character of these red wines.


Quite simply the best Riesling terroir in the Weinviertel area. This terroir is also the home of the vineyard’s Weinviertel DAC. The distinct temperature differences between day and night promote the fruitiness of this wine.


Heiliger Stein.
The foothills of the Manhartsberg are the location of the „Heiliger Stein“ vineyard. The primary rock soil is covered by a layer of sand. This site is the home of the Weinviertel DAC Heiliger Stein.


A very young vineyard. The "Bergsatz" vineyard is located on loess soil, a terroir perfect for Pinot Blancs. On top of that the south-facing slope with a 25 % gradient is exposed to the Pulkau valley with its special micro climate.


With the Chardonnay 2008 the Sandgrube site was also the origin of a Salon wine in 2009.


The deep loess soil retains water well; even in dry years the vines are not subjected to stress. The site that faces south is also perfect for Grüner Veltliner and Traminer.


The slightly sloping vineyard faces south and is close to the now open border to the Czech Republic and a great terroir for reds. The vines grow on the deep loess soils that is mixed with some gravel.


The primary rock soil vineyard is located in Mitterretzbach, in the foothills of the Manhartsberg. The soil of the vineyard that is located at a higher altitude features a great view into the Pulkau valley – you can see Staatz in perfect weather conditions – is dominated by a hard sandy ground. Perfect for Riesling and Gelber Muskateller.