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Welschriesling Classic 2011

Light straw yellow; pronounced aroma of green apples, hay, almonds, characteristic of the variety. Starts off with a clear aroma of fruit, this aroma is repeated on the palate. Creamy feel, powerful, ends with a brisk note of bitter almonds, long-lasting finish. Very elegant and versatile wine. 

Grüner Veltliner Classic 2012

Light green-yellow; delicate aroma of grapefruit, lime and quince with a spicy note of bread crust and pepper. This spicy note is the dominant flavour; pepper, caraway, a touch of aniseed with a tang of citrus.
Medium-bodied wine, tart finish, makes you want to drink more – again and again.

Riesling Classic 2011

Bright straw yellow. Distinct note of apricots and peaches with fresh herbs.
This wine lifts your spirits: juicy, mature and bright, displaying a classic and clear varietal expression, lots of pizzazz and power, mellow.
Intense fruitiness pervades.
Tart and stimulating finish.

Creation Muskat 2011

A cuvée of Muscatel and Chardonnay. Muscatel fragrance, accompanied by the depth and full structure of the Chardonnay grape on the palate. An ideal, fruity and uncomplicated wine.

Ludwig II 2011

Animating, bright fragrance of white flowers, citrus and fresh, yellow apples.
Opens up on the palate, very soft and velvety.
Balanced Cuvée: The delicate, light acidity blends perfectly with the opulent fruity sweetness. Mellow and lively with a long finish.

Weinviertel DAC Halblehen 2011

Medium-bodied greenish yellow. Slowly releases lime, grapefruit, Wasabi and gooseberry aromas. Full on the palate, vanilla custard, walnut and a creamy texture. Racy acidity, straight-forward, medium length, dry finish.

Chardonnay Sandgrube 2011

Fragrance of pineapple and white flowers. Yellow stone fruit and pomegranate on the palate. A touch of aniseed. A very elegant play of minerality and acidity with a fresh finish. Classic fermentation. Convincing dialogue of ripe passionfruit and vivacious acidity.

Pinot Blanc Bergsatz 2011

First fresh hazelnut that meets ripe grapefruit. Refreshing aroma of citrus. Exciting development: mellow flavours and honey on the palate, balanced by the freshness of pomelo.
A pleasant symbiosis of these flavours is still present in the long finish.

Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Subtle greenish yellow; delicate fragrance of grapefruit, lime and quince with a spicy note of bread crust and pepper. The spicy note dominates the flavour; pepper, caraway, a touch of aniseed with a hint of citrus.
Great taste, medium-bodied, stimulating tart finish, makes you want to drink more – again and again.

Neuburger Halblehen 2011

Straw yellow. Raspberry in the nose, fresh almond, aromatic grapes. Freshly-mown grass. Juicy charentais melon paired with the pleasant bitterness of grapefruit on the palate. Fruity notes of apples dominate the finish.

Grüner Veltliner Heiliger Stein 2009

Colour of golden wheat. An exciting range of mixed herbs, dominated by lemon-scented thyme, Kiwi, quince and mirabelle plum. Spicy orange. Juicy and powerful, characteristic spicy note on the palate.

Traminer Sandgrube 2011

Rose petal fragrance. Spicy and aromatic.

Chardonnay Reserve 2006

Bright straw yellow. Hazelnut, Toasty notes, bread crust, pistachio, quince, a touch of fresh woodland strawberry. Creamy, mature fruit, exotic touch. Powerful structure, woodnotes are well-incorporated, fresh finish with an aromatic note.